Our Work

CISED provides a range of supports to aspiring and established social enterprises in the city of Ottawa.  Through all of our work we aspire to be leaders in three key areas: social innovation, sector building and knowledge sharing.  We are able to do this through our core areas of activities:

Social Procurement

One of CISED’s most exciting opportunities is in the area of social procurement.  Social procurement leverages purchasing power to create social value.  Ottawa is fortunate to be home to many large institutions and nonprofits with immense purchasing power.  We think there is an incredible opportunity to work with both institutional purchasers of goods and services along with local nonprofit and social enterprises to create new business opportunities to build and scale social impact through the social enterprise sector in Ottawa.

If you are interested in working to develop new business opportunities to create greater social impact in our community CISED can help through all phases of the procurement process.


Social Enterprise Succession

CISED will be working with small & medium sized enterprises ‘SMEs’ along with nonprofit organizations interested in acquiring and transitioning existing businesses into social enterprises.

Ottawa has a large number of small and medium enterprises that are owned by individuals or families who are seeking to leave a legacy as they either retire, move or change jobs. These businesses present unique opportunities for nonprofits as they can be a springboard to generate more immediate revenues, employment opportunities and social impact to advance their mission. Small business owners have devoted their career to building social value through their business, and in our experience, many would like to leave their businesses as a legacy to the community.

If you are a small business operator seeking to leave a legacy, or a nonprofit organization seeking to acquire an existing business, CISED can help broker the deal through formal valuation, mentoring,  transition strategies and training,  legal assistance, and other supports.


Education & Technical Assistance

We have spent thousands of hours delivering workshops and personalized services to individuals and nonprofits interested in social enterprise.  We are dedicated to working with anyone interested in building a social enterprise.  We offer an initial consultation of up to two hours free of charge to social entrepreneurs and nonprofit staff championing social enterprise in their organization.


CISED also offers in-depth consulting at reasonable rates in the following areas:

  • Presentations on social enterprise ideas, trends and structures
  • Idea development
  • Organizational readiness workshops
  • Board and staff planning retreats
  • Social enterprise market research
  • Feasibility studies
  • Dynamic business plans
  • Business plan review
  • Marketing strategy and implementation
  • Social impact measurement
  • Funding and fundraising strategy