How can the Centre for Innovative Social Enterprise Development help you?

This Meetup is hosted and presented by CISED (Centre for Innovative Social Enterprise Development). CISED provides a continuum of supports to aspiring and established social enterprises in the city of Ottawa and connects them to a broad array of services, resources, information and financial assistance.

At this Meetup, Kathleen Kemp and Brenda Richardson will highlight CISED's role in innovative areas of social enterprise support such as social procurement, business conversion, cluster development, and financing.  

Kathleen and Brenda will also share some of the findings from CISED's recent survey of the social enterprise sector to get a better snapshot of the diversity of products and services offered, areas that social enterprises find challenging, and opportunities for growth.  Responses from 69 social enterprises have revealed some interesting findings that are informing how CISED develops and rolls out new supports for the sector. 

This Meetup promises to be of great value to those planning to establish or grow an existing social enterprise as well as to those providing support to social enterprises. 

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