What is enterprising non-profits (enp)

Enp is a collaborative program that was launched in 1997 in British Columbia and has since expanded to other Canadian cities.   Enp-Ottawa is housed at and run by CISED.   The program  provides technical assistance to non-profit organizations to support the development or growth of their social enterprises.

How does enp define social enterprise?

Enp uses the term “social enterprise” to refer to business ventures operated by non-profits that sell goods or services in the market for the purpose of creating a blended return on investment, both financial and social and/or environmental.  The profits are returned to the business or to a social purpose, rather than maximizing profits to shareholders.

Does enp Ottawa have on-line resources for social enterprises?

Absolutely!  The enp website offers a number of practical resources for social entrepreneurs such as the Social Enterprise Purchasing Toolkit, reports & studies, the Social Enterprise Marketing Toolkit, a calendar of events, and the 2nd Edition of the Canadian Social Enterprise Guide.

Is there funding available through enp-Ottawa?

Enp and CISED do not offer funding, but non profit organizations may apply for a Mission Multiplier Grant; successful applicants will receive up to $5000 in services from CISED to help start or expand a social enterprise.

This 'service' grant is made possible by the generous support of  both Employment and Skills Development Canada and Capital One.  In order to be eligible to apply for this technical assistance, each applying organization must have a staff member or board member attend the Build Your Social Enterprise workshop.

 What can the funding be used for?

Non-profit organizations (charities and registered non-profit organizations) can use the Mission Multiplier Grant to access the technical assistance they need to start or grow a business venture.  Funds can be used for activities related to the development of a social enterprise such as market research and feasibility study, business plan preparation, marketing plan and communications strategy, and expansion planning. Businesses designed to address the needs of children, youth, families and disadvantaged populations are encouraged to apply. Similarly, social enterprises run by youth are eligible for funding support.

 What are the eligibility guidelines for this funding?

To be eligible for funding, an organization must be a provincially or federally incorporated non-profit organization (charity or other registered non-profit organization); have its base, activities, and benefits in Ottawa; attend the Building Your Social Enterprise workshop; have the organizational capacity (budget and staff) to meet the grant objectives; and commit matching funds, in cash and/or in-kind*

* Matching funds must be directly related to the project for which you are applying.  In-kind relates to direct costs of the activities being funded and not operating expenses.  If staff time is considered in-kind, please demonstrate how staff people will have the designated time to conduct the work to be carried out.

 What is the process for applying for enp funding?

The first step in the application process is to attend the Build Your Social Enterprise Workshop, which is a pre-requisite to applying.  Check our calendar of events, blog, homepage or contact our office for the next workshop date.

The cost to attend is $100 per participant and $50 for a second participant from the same organization.   The registration fee includes a light breakfast, lunch, and coffee/snack service; a copy of the Canadian Social Enterprise Guide; and all workshop materials.  Space is limited.

 What is Included in the Workshop Content?

During the Build Your Social Enterprise Workshop there will be a discussion of the definition of social enterprise and the reasons for starting a social enterprise as well as a discussion on social metrics and the social enterprise development path.  There will also be a review of the grant requirements, eligibility criteria,  and priorities.

Only organizations attending this workshop will be qualified to apply for the Mission Multiplier Grant.

How are the applications assessed?

Grant applications will be assessed by a Grant Selection Committee comprised of funders, community members, and partners.  The committee will assess:  whether the basic eligibility criteria have been met; the potential impact of the business idea and/or social enterprise concept; the applicant’s need and potential use of a market, feasibility study, and/or business plan , or other strategic document; and the organizational and financial capacity.

What happens after the decision has been made?

A letter is sent out to all applicants following the Selection Committee meeting advising the status of their application.  Successful applicants may be listed in the CISED website and enp website as well as notified by a letter of offer followed by a cheque for the grant amount.  In some cases, a partial grant of the amount requested will be approved.  Those who are successful in their grant application will work directly with CISED to ensure that they receive the best possible technical support for their social enterprise development.